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How Downtime Can Affect Your Business

How Downtime Can Affect Your Business

How Downtime Can Affect Your Business

Keeping your systems up as much as possible is critical to growing your business and establishing lasting relationships with customers. You need to avoid downtime with preparation such as disaster recovery plans and business continuity solutions. Your customers want to feel that your business is reliable and that they can count on you when they want to view your site or use your services. When your business consistently suffers from downtime, your customers feel as if they can’t count on you and may take their business elsewhere. By losing customers, other business relationships suffer as well.

Losing the confidence of your business partners, vendors, investors, and customers is painful. Continuous downtime erodes the trust that you’ve built up and once that trust is gone it can be difficult to get it back. Not to mention the monetary losses that occur during downtime. If you want to take your business to the next level, the first thing you need to do is protect it against downtime.

Avoiding Downtime is Critical

Downtime doesn’t have a set schedule. Even the best planners can get blindsided by an unexpected storm taking out their servers. Perhaps it’s another natural disaster such as a flood. Disasters can be manmade too, such as a hacker that slips by security and damages your systems or your intern spilling water on your equipment. Although you are aware of these dangers, you don’t have control over when they are going to happen. What you can control is how you react to these problems. You can keep your business protected with greater security protocols and improve resiliency to your infrastructure. You can create a business continuity plan that documents exactly how to proceed in the event of a disaster that knocks out your systems.

This plan will let employees, vendors, and other business partners know what steps to take so your entire organization and its partners are always prepared. That way, if downtime does hit, you can get back up in moments instead of in days or weeks.

Utilizing a Business Continuity Plan

Our team at TekConcierge specializes in helping businesses craft business continuity plans. Our team can work with your business to strengthen your IT infrastructure to make it more resilient and establish documentation of what steps to take when something goes wrong. We can build a business continuity plan for your business no matter your technical capabilities or IT infrastructure. If you are ready to protect your business, then give TekConcierge a call