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What happens if You Don’t have IT Support Services?

What happens if You Don’t have IT Support Services?

What happens if You Don’t have IT Support Services?

Without IT Support Services, your Cincinnati business may be at risk of a data breach, cybersecurity threat, or ransomware attack. That’s a simple truth. Putting our fires as they happen isn’t protecting your business and may be costing more than if you hired an IT firm.

We listen to our clients. They often tell us how they thought they were doing what was best for their business by keeping IT in-house. As their business grew and they hired more people, technology concerns were second to serving clients. What they didn’t realize was that if their business didn’t have IT Support Services, it was at risk.

Employee Awareness

Employees are your first line of defense against attacks. When they’re able to identify dangerous emails, they can help stop a hack. We can also put stopgaps in place to prevent those emails from ever reaching inboxes.

Malware attacks often happen through employee email. The employee sees an email that looks like it’s from a trusted person but it’s from a scammer. They open the email or click a link and a series of events happen behind the scenes. The result? The business has been infected with a virus. That’s why as your IT Support Services firm, we provide education to employees.

Prevention is Key

Just as you put a Ring doorbell on your home, our IT Support Services team can put fences around your business to protect and secure information including:

  • Update malware and antivirus software.
  • Update operating systems so that all employees are on the same system.
  • Set parameters for who can have access to which data. With few exceptions, no one needs to have access to all company information.
  • Secure servers and workstations.
  • Constant monitoring to prevent breaches.

What happens if you don’t have IT Support Services?

Without IT Support Services, your business is at risk. Data isn’t secure. Employees can send information through channels that aren’t secure which can cause loss of data and/or risks breach. If your business is held to industry or governmental compliance standards, you’re risking fines that can cost you your business in time, money, and reputation.

Our help desk is available 24.7.365. Your contract with us includes help desk assistance so you never have to worry if calling us will add to your monthly bill. We have flat rate billing, so you always know what to expect.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Don’t let data be lost to a data breach.

Contact us today to learn how TekConcierge can help your business secure important information and streamline processes.