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Ways IT Services Support the Automotive Industry

Ways IT Services Support the Automotive Industry

As the automotive industry changes and adds technology to vehicles, dealerships, and factories, the need for Automotive IT Services becomes a necessity. Tracking inventory, systematizing the repair process, and keeping customer data private are among the biggest demands we hear from the automotive industry.

Building and repairing vehicles isn’t as simple as Grandpa rolling under the car to check which parts need to be fixed or replaced. Now we need computers to analyze what is happening with a vehicle like you might need an x-ray or MRI. We can’t just see what is happening. To that point, we can’t just use paper and pencil or outdated technology to track inventory.

The team at TekConceierge understands the demands of the industry which is why we’re offering Automotive IT Services. We want your shop or dealership to run smoothly, just like the vehicles in your care.

Ways IT Services Support the Automotive Industry

Vehicles are smarter, more fuel-efficient, and practically drive themselves. Because of the advances in technology, there are issues that Automotive IT Services can address and support.

  • Customer Retention. If you don’t know what customers are expecting, then how can you deliver what they want? You’ve got to have a system to collect data from customers. Kiosks and surveys are the most popular ways to gather this needed information.
  • Protecting data. Customer, employee, manufacturing, and proprietary data all need to be protected from ransomware. In our article Costs of Ransomware, we discuss the growing danger of hackers and how related costs impact your business.
  • Manufacturing vs. Technology. While it takes five to seven years to innovate the main parts of a vehicle, the technology evolves on a much shorter cycle. Therefore, you’ve got to protect the technology as much as air bags protect your customers.
  • Employee Productivity. In addition to understanding what customers desire, it is important to understand what employees want and need to be productive in the workplace. Using Automotive IT Services, we can assess current systems, then update and implement new systems that keep sales, repairs, and manufacturing efficient.
  • Business Operations. The day to day operations of your automotive business matter to us. We are dedicated to protecting employee and customer data as well as implementing solutions that help everyone do their best work.

When you hire TekConcierge for Automotive IT Services, you’re hiring a team that cares about your automotive business as much as you do!

Contact us today to get started.