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Top 3 Threats Facing Online Security Today

Top 3 Threats Facing Online Security Today

Top 3 Threats Facing Online Security Today

While running a business online definitely has its perks, some vulnerabilities should – actually, must – be addressed. To ensure network security of your company’s and clients’ sensitive data, it’s important to know what to look out for to help prevent those types of attacks. Let’s look at three of the most popular forms.

SQL Injection

This one’s scary: hackers have gotten so good at penetrating online databases, they now know how to confuse your server into thinking they typed something “true,” allowing them administrative access. Just by typing a series of random algorithms that your SQL system interprets as a “correct entry” (sometimes, something as simple as “1=1”), they’re instantly granted access, and you’re left with breached online security.


Sometimes dishonest individuals or groups will specialize in phishing and/or pharming – essentially pretending to be someone reputable in an online format. Phishing is the act of sending emails that look like they came from a legitimate sender, usually asking for sensitive information such as passwords and credit card information. Pharming, on the other hand, takes breaching online security a step further: pharmers create a website that resembles a familiar site, such as a legitimate organization’s, then encourages you to “log in”. When you attempt to do so on the fake site, the pharmers instantly have your login information, completely unbeknownst to you. The pharmers are then free to log in as you and do as they wish with the account.


No, we’re not talking about rock star Kenny Loggins – we’re talking about Keyloggers. Keyloggers breach your online security by recording your keystrokes. They have ways of monitoring your login site, and when you log in, they can capture every character you type – including your username and password. Again, the keyloggers get instant access, and you get breached.

Beef Up Your Online Security with TekConcierge.

In this day and age, you can do one of two things: hope like crazy your company doesn’t get attacked by any of the methods mentioned above, or you can be proactive and do something about it before it ever happens. TekConcierge is very familiar with all types of online security, and can create a secure system made just for your organization. Let’s talk about it.