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Tips on How to Strengthen Your Online Security

Tips on How to Strengthen Your Online Security

Tips on How to Strengthen Your Online Security

Let’s face it: unscrupulous computer users are finding more and more ways to sneak into online databases and do anything they like with them. The only solution is to set online security parameters in place to make those attempts as difficult as possible. Here are a few of the better ways you can improve the network security of your business.

Cloud Computing and Backup Recovery Prevents Data Loss.

It used to be true that it was somewhat difficult to break into a company’s hard drive or server. Sadly, that isn’t so much the case anymore. But besides prevention, another great tactic you can use to ramp up your online security is to keep your files in the cloud. If an attacker does break into your server and finds nothing there, all their efforts were for nothing. Also, if they do happen to find something and decide to corrupt or delete any of your data, with Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR), you can always just restore your server back to normal.

Encryption – Data Thieves Can’t Use What They Can’t Understand.

So, the BDR method above is fantastic to restore corrupted data resulting from an online attack. But what if the data the attacker accessed is sensitive? In fact, what if the data breach violates HIPAA, SOX, or PCI DSS compliance?! Now you’re in MESS of trouble! The only solution is prevention. One excellent method is to keep your files encrypted. Now, when your friendly neighborhood hacker strolls into your network, all they find is garbled gibberish. Even with a breach, your data is secure.

To Defeat Hacking Experts, Hire Online Security Experts.

It’s universally known: hackers are getting good. VERY good. So the only real defense against them is to hire online security experts who are better than they are. You need a company with techs who know the ins and outs of security breaches, and how best to prevent or thwart them entirely. Anything less leaves both you and your organization wide open to attack, data breach, or even getting in trouble with the federal authorities.

Online Security Experts Aren’t Hard to Find.

The techs at TekConcierge are extremely well-versed in online security tactics and can customize security measures tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to make your network so secure; all hackers will tire of trying to get it, and move onto another, more vulnerable site. It’s unfortunate the next person they move on to will be victimized, but just think: if they had only been as smart as you and called TekConcierge like you did, it never would have happened to them in the first place!