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The Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Department

The Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Department

The Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Department

Outsourcing IT services to a third-party organization of IT support experts is becoming a popular option for businesses everywhere. In fact, nearly 35% of U.S. companies outsource at least some of their networking services.

Are you considering IT outsourcing for your organization? If so, read on. Today, we’re sharing five key benefits you can expect to realize as you do so.

1. Save Money

There are significant costs associated with setting up and running your own, in-house IT team. In addition to start-up costs, there are also hardware and software costs to contend with, as well as expenses associated with recruitment and retention.

When you outsource your IT department, you can lock into a monthly rate with your chosen provider. This helps you create a clear and consistent budget for this department, so there are no surprise expenditures that could threaten your bottom line.

2. Boost Team Performance

Imagine how productive your technical team could be if they could focus on innovation and new development, and they weren’t bogged down with employee troubleshooting requests at every turn.

Outsourcing those duties can free your team members up to focus on the mission-critical tasks you hired them for in the first place. This can help pivot your focus away from around-the-clock employee support and more toward improving your market position.

3. Improved Systems Security

Ensuring the locktight security of your network systems can be a major challenge, and an expensive one at that.

This is especially the case when you consider the cybersecurity threats that exist in today’s digital space. According to one study, more than 80% of business leaders rank cybersecurity among their top five risk management concerns.

When you hire an IT outsourcing team, you trust your systems to experts who have years of experience securing and safeguarding them. Not only are they familiar with modern hacker techniques and ways to circumvent them, but they have access to the tools and technologies required to deliver 24/7 data security at every turn.

4. Support When You Need It

Unless your internal IT Support team works around the clock, there will undoubtedly be a time when technical support needs arise, but your customers can’t reach anyone to help. Over time, this frustration can lower your satisfaction rates and impact your sales.

An external IT support team is available at any time, from any location, so you can make sure you’re always accessible.

5. Quicker Recovery Times

From floods and fires to cyberattacks, there are myriad circumstances that could negatively impact your business’ IT systems. In dire cases, these issues could even force your company offline.

With the average cost of downtime coming in at around $5,600 per minute, can your company afford to take that hit? Not only are these risks greatly reduced when you outsource your IT department, but recovery times are expedited so you’re back up and running quicker than ever before.

Learn More About IT Outsourcing

These are only a few of the ways that IT outsourcing can help sharpen your competitive edge, improve your margins, and give your teams the productivity boost they need to lead your company forward.

To learn more about how these services work and the differences they can make for your company, reach out to us today.