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The Importance of Cloud Solutions in Post-COVID World

The Importance of Cloud Solutions in Post-COVID World

The Importance of Cloud Solutions in Post-COVID World

The Importance of Cloud Solutions in Post-COVID World

As of October, about a third of the American workforce was still working remotely on a full-time basis. With COVID-19 still a major concern for the foreseeable future, remote work is likely to remain a staple of workplace operations, which means that US companies’ investment in secure and functional cloud solutions is more important than ever. Cloud services are essential for companies that need to operate smoothly in remote conditions. Cloud solutions for colocation and collaborative work keep businesses not just efficient but thriving while it’s not safe to go to the office.

Cloud Services Keep Workflow Uninhibited

Companies without a robust cloud infrastructure to support their work are left with a dire choice in the era of COVID: disrupt your business’s efficiency and productivity or unethically put your workers at greater risk during a pandemic by forcing them to come to crowded offices. Having enterprise cloud solutions that allow you to store, retrieve and share data easily and quickly between collaborators makes this a non-issue. Using cloud services to maintain a flexible and uninterrupted workflow within your company was already a massive benefit for companies of all sizes pre-pandemic. Now, with physical safety added to the stakes, leveraging cloud-based and network-based solutions is essential.

Scaling Your Company’s IT Needs

In the aftermath of COVID-19, the landscape of the business world has dramatically changed the scale at which many companies need to operate– particularly if they provide services that are more sought after during the pandemic. This change in scale, combined with increases in remote work, has led to a significant fluctuation in IT needs for everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Cloud solutions on an enterprise level makes these changes relatively easy and painless, rather than disruptive. Organizations that provide services and goods with increased demand during these times can scale up with relative ease when they don’t need to invest in physical infrastructure or equipment.

Cloud Solutions Protect Against Data Loss

Investing in a quality cloud solution to help with COVID-related difficulties has other benefits as well. The data redundancies and backups that a solid cloud infrastructure provides increases protection against potentially disastrous data loss. It is all too common a story to hear from companies that have had to go through disaster recovery due to data loss: productivity decreases, reduced morale, and increased financial strain. Losing data that is essential to a business’s functionality can be devastating, but more companies investing in cloud-based services due to the necessary increase in remote work could make those nightmarish stories of essential data loss a bit less common.

Cloud-based solutions also often offer increased data security to protect against data breaches and other cyberattacks. Protections such as authentication, access control, and encryption keep data secure, and cloud providers typically add further network security protections as well.

Learn More About Cloud Solutions

Companies that want to thrive in a world where COVID is an obstacle to traditional forms of business need to invest in robust cloud solutions as soon as possible. Making sure your business has the appropriate tools and services to move forward and grow is key. Cloud and network-based solutions that can scale with your company, keep your data secure, and provide workers the support they need to be both productive and happy are going to be the answer for most organizations.

If you are interested in how cloud solutions and services can help your company, contact us now. There has never been a better time to find out how leveraging the cloud can make your business more productive and your operations run more smoothly.