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Do You Really Need Web Security?

Do You Really Need Web Security?

Do You Really Need Web Security?

We all wish we could go back to the days of leaving doors unlocked and not worrying about our kids playing outside unsupervised. Over the years, we have become more and more guarded and taken measures to protect our homes and our families. Just like locking the deadbolt on your front door, network and web security is the way we protect our websites and businesses from potential threats.

Think of a hacker as a burglar. You have things in your home to deter or stop burglaries from happening, whether that’s locks on doors and windows or alarm systems and self defense. Web security is basically a digital alarm system for your business.

Safeguarding Your Reputation

Your business’ website is essentially your digital billboard for potential clients and customers. Protecting your website from hacking and malware not only protects important files, but it also protects your reputation. If a billboard is graffitied in the real world, most people don’t still try to read the message underneath. Web security helps to make sure that the graffiti-ing never happens to begin with, leaving your reputation and digital presence intact.

Errors Make You Vulnerable

Just as in life, simple errors can leave your vulnerable to potential attacks or threats. Forgetting to lock your car’s doors at night makes you an easy target for a thief. Small errors like accidentally opening emails with ransomware, to forgetting to update passwords can put your business, clients, and files at risk. Beginning steps in web security typically include security training for your employees and setting simple systems in place to protect your company and system.

Could Cost You More Than Customers

A breach in security could seriously damage your company’s reputation and lead to losing customers. You could potentially lose access to incredibly important files and documents, as well as be stripped of search engine rankings, or even be blacklisted from searches, which can seriously harm your business. Web security is essential if you want to protect your business from threats that can cause significant damage.

You wouldn’t go on vacation and leave all your doors unlocked, would you? Web security is just as important to your company as protecting your real world possessions from damage.