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How to Know if Your Business is PCI Compliant

How to Know if Your Business is PCI Compliant

How to Know if Your Business is PCI Compliant

Debit or credit? How often do you think those words are uttered a day? Have you recently swiped your card to complete a transaction? How do you continue to feel protected knowing there are criminals lurking, ready to swipe your information? Due to payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS), there is now an increase on controls around cardholders’ data in order to reduce credit card fraud, preventing those with access to card data from doing so without appropriate cybersecurity measures. Here are a few ways to ensure your business is PCI compliant and is creating an additional level of protection for card issuers.

PCI 3.2 Data Security Standards

Build and Stabilize a Secure Network

Implement and install a firewall to ensure the configuration of cardholder data. Make sure you change vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters.

Protect Cardholder Data

Ensure you’re protecting stored cardholder data by taking the time to encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks.

Establish Vulnerability Management Program

You need to effectively update anti-virus software to all systems which are exposed to malware. By developing and maintain secure systems and applications, you will be able to take precautionary measures against counterfeit fraud.

Set Strong Access Control Measures

Take measures to implement access to cardholder data by business need-to-know. Give those who are authorized a unique ID and restrict physical access to cardholder data.

TekConcierge Can Keep You PCI Compliant

Credit cards are a great financial tool when used responsibly and wisely – however, risks are still prevalent. Knowledge is power – knowing the facts about credit cards will help you avoid financial pitfalls. The reality of it all is, even when individuals add additional measures of security to their credit card usage, there is still a high level of potential threats. Don’t get caught slipping, make sure you are taking the right action steps to stay PCI compliant. If you have any questions or concerns, TekConcierge is here for you!