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How Managed IT Services Can Change Your Business

How Managed IT Services Can Change Your Business

How Managed IT Services Can Change Your Business

Years ago, I worked at a growing law office. When I started, it was me and the attorney but two and a half years later, it was a team of four and growing. Our Managed IT Services was the attorney’s husband and me which worked when we had just two computers, a shared cloud service account, and phones. While it worked for two of us who sat practically side by side, when we moved to a bigger office with more employees, it was easy to see we needed to improve our technology.

What we needed was Managed IT Service technicians who weren’t self-taught on search engines and experimentation. We needed a team of experts to evaluate how we were working and identify areas where we could improve. My thought was always that a security breach could easily happen. If you’re worried about your business, Managed IT Services offered by TekConcierge should be a consideration.

When you’re working with a small team, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-today activity of serving clients and customers but one data breach or hack can shut down the operation for days or weeks. It can cost your business in downtime, money, and reputation. That can shut down your business for good. We’d never want to see that happen.

Managed IT Services Can Change Your Business

With Managed IT Services, you have a team working with you every day, even when you’re not at the office, to ensure systems are updated and data is secure. Other benefits include the following.

  • You’re not the IT person anymore so you can focus on your business.
  • 24/7/365 Help Desk availability so even if you’re on vacation, your team can reach people who can help them with their IT needs and concerns.
  • Updated software and upgraded hardware to keep up with ever-changing technology.
  • Cloud services in secure data centers so you don’t have to worry if confidential information is stored securely.
  • Scalability of storage and services so you can add data during business times or as the business grows, and scale back when it is slower.

The best feature we always like to highlight is that our services are monthly and flat rate. That means you can call the help desk without worrying if it will cost the business more money.

Mostly, we find our clients love that we offer Managed IT Services, so they have peace of mind that systems are working efficiently, and data is secure. That way, they, and you can focus on business.