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Four Red Flags About Your IT Support Provider

Four Red Flags About Your IT Support Provider

Four Red Flags About Your IT Support Provider

The sunken cost fallacy is a powerful thing. Sometimes, when you’ve sunk a significant amount of money and time into your Fort Worth IT support provider, you may let major mistakes go. If you’re afraid of the inconvenience of switching who handles your IT services, it may be harder to pick up on the red flags that are telling you its time to drop an ineffective provider. Here are four clear red flags that you should be keen to watch out for in case it’s time for you to switch providers.

Lack of Response

Have you had numerous IT issues that have dragged on without quick response from your managed IT services provider? While an errant slow response here or there may not be indicative of a serious problem, the moment a pattern of slow response develops, it’s likely hurting your business. Not responding quickly when IT issues prevent business from moving slows your company down and reduces its productivity, and that isn’t something you can tolerate for very long.

Purely Reactive Model

The best way to manage potential technology and security issues at work is for your Fort Worth IT support provider to have plans in place that prevent them from ever occurring. If you realize that your IT services provider is only reacting to problems and isn’t helping you develop proactive plans to ward off future IT concerns before they affect you, then it’s time to move away from that provider and towards one who will provide proactive IT services and consulting instead.

Recurring Issues

If you find yourself talking to your IT services partners about the same technical issues again and again, that’s a surefire sign that it’s becoming a detrimental partnership for your business.  Listening and responding to the specific needs of your company is essential in your relationship with your IT support and consulting provider. If your needs aren’t being heeded, and you’re bringing up the same concerns consistently, then it’s time to go find a managed IT services provider that will listen to your needs.

Lack of Security Planning

Does your IT support provider have a clear, documented plan to deal with your company’s cybersecurity risks? Your IT services provider should be helping you put together documented cybersecurity plans to handle all the risks your businesses face. If you find that your IT support partner’s security planning is cookie-cutter or they are only reacting to security threats once they have already affected you, it makes more sense to find a Fort Worth IT support company that will take your network security more seriously.

Finding the best possible partner for your managed IT services is important. While there may be some short-term pain in transitioning to a new provider, the long-term benefits of working with an IT support company that fits all your needs far outweigh them. If you’re seeing some of these red flags with your current provider, please reach out to TekConcierge and schedule an appointment.