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The Best Apps Designed for Families

The Best Apps Designed for Families

The Best Apps Designed for Families

Sure, there are a lot of apps out there – some for travel, some for weather, some for business, some for fun. But if you’re a parent, you probably know all too well the ever-persistent question:
“May I please play on your phone?”

Once you relent, you have to wonder which apps your child will select. Games? Videos? Something not intended for kids? Thankfully, as IT and technology experts, we know quite a few family apps out there which are fun and/or useful for kids and adults to enjoy together. Let’s look at a few.

Shoot It!

This one’s a lot of fun: you and your child snap any photo you like, upload it to the app, customize it – and Shoot It! will instantly transform your efforts into a real postcard they will print and mail for you, all for 99 cents per postcard. How cool is that?!


Okay – we did say “fun and/or useful”. But your kids may actually get a kick out of loading info into myHomework. Using the app, they can enter their due dates of upcoming tests and projects into the calendar, and get updates on approaching deadlines – which is a lot more fun than trying to remember everything. Also, if they want to set up study group sessions with their friends, they can send out invitations through the app. Best of all, it’s completely free!

Save Benjis

This app is mega cool because it allows children to interactively become involved with saving money for the household budget while simultaneously teaching them “the value of a dollar.” While shopping, you and your child can enter the information of whatever items you’re interested in, and compare the price with both local retail shops as well as online retailers. Imagine your kid saying, “Mommy, Save Benjis says we can get this food processor at the store next door for $25 less!” Boom. Your kid just saved your family money. That deserves an ice cream.
Ensure Your Kiddos are Only Accessing Appropriate Apps.
Again, while these are some fantastic family apps for you and your kids to enjoy together, you may have other apps on your phone you’d rather they not access. If so, TekConcierge has a fantastic security solution we can install on your device which will only allow them access to the family apps you designate. Let’s talk about it.