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5 Web Vulnerabilities that HARM Your Business

5 Web Vulnerabilities that HARM Your Business

5 Web Vulnerabilities that HARM Your Business

Your business is your heart, body, and soul. You put your energy into making sure business operations are running smoothly and that you have the resources to help it continue to thrive. Companies often turns to managed IT services companies to help amplify the web-hosts, technical support, and facilitate the use of technology by the organization and end user. Unfortunately, many businesses still experience serious web vulnerabilities, leaving them at the mercy of insidious attacks.

5 Web Vulnerabilities that may be harming your business


Just as the word implies, you are going to have to pay a ransom if your network falls under attack. Essentially, your files or system becomes a captive and won’t be given back until a price is paid. Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents the true user from accessing certain files or their own system until payment is made to get the decryption key.


A sneaky infective agent that preys on the unexpecting. A virus is a program that enters a computer without the knowledge of the user. There are instances of viruses being so destructive that entire networks are wiped clean.


Phishing is the attempt of criminals to pose as legitimate companies in order to gain access to an online account holder’s financial information. They lure users in by tricking them into clicking a malicious link which appears as a legitimate email, rather than trying to break through a computer’s defenses.

Security Access Control

When security access control is not implemented, users are able to access files they have no business being in. Organizations need security access control in order to ensure an authenticated user is the only one authorized to consume, enter, or use data.


This attack is where criminals secretly lay dormant until you try to communicate with another party. It is a form of eavesdropping where communication between two users is monitored and recorded by an unauthorized party. This cyber attack gives the unauthorized user access to private information.

TekConcierge Can Protect Your Infrastructure

Let’s face it, it’s pretty difficult to not worry about these security issues. But we want you to stop stressing over web vulnerability. We will work to keep your critical data safe and help you unfold a plan to recover in the event of a disaster. Protect yourself today!