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5 Things The Walking Dead Taught Us About Network Security

5 Things The Walking Dead Taught Us About Network Security

5 Things The Walking Dead Taught Us About Network Security

5 Things The Walking Dead has Taught us about Network Security

1. Expect the Unexpected

Season Seven Spoiler Alert… Glen and Abraham are dead. Neegan killed them brutally with his bat Lucille and while we knew from the cliffhanger ending of season six that someone we cared about was going to die, we didn’t expect two deaths! Plus, there is nothing worse than feeling helpless and under the control of someone else. That is one of the things we can learn from The Walking Dead – expect the unexpected. You never know when your network security will be breached by either an external or internal attack. Maybe one of your employees is about to “turn” and wreak havoc on your network. Or maybe they are in the process of creating a backdoor allowing your business to be vulnerable.

2. Be Prepared

What is it about a post-apocalyptic world that is so fascinating? Is it that we all wonder, “What would I do in that situation?” There is a saying in Latin, “Amat Victoria Curam” that means Victory Loves Preparation. Are you currently prepared for an attack? Do you routinely check for vulnerabilities? Unfortunately, it is human nature to become complacent especially when you have gone for years without an attack. Many users don’t know that there are robots and scripts that constantly searching the web looking for vulnerabilities. If you install a plugin like Wordfence on a WordPress blog you will see that hackers, like zombies, are constantly trying to login to your website checking for complacency and vulnerabilities.

3. Keep Your Network in Shape

Running from zombies is a workout. Sure they are slow, but they can group up in numbers and trip you up. One misstep and you are a zombie feast. It is important to “beef up” and stay in shape when it comes to all aspects of your business. Like a fitness routine, you should have a plan in place to make sure that your network is in shape. Automating some things is great, but you should have a person or a team of people safeguarding your content, your brand, your network. Successful people stay one step ahead of attackers.

4. Have a Backup Plan

How many times have we seen Rick and Darryl head out for a supply run or plan to stay in a seemingly “safe” location only to come under attack? What is your current backup plan when your network is hacked or your data is stolen? Do you have plans in place? Is your data in a safe location? Many cloud services are available now to secure your data and allow for multiple redundancies. Onsite and Offsite backups can keep you protected in case of a problem. For extremely critical data we suggest an offline backup location as well.

5. Good People Matter

When a zombie apocalypse happens who do you want by your side? Who are you going to call to help keep your family safe? Your business safe? Your Data Safe? Our top list would be Rick, Michonne, Daryl and of course Carol. Carol is one of those people who uses her head first. She’s cunning and unsuspecting. We all need smart people in our business who care about more than just themselves.

Be Prepared with Managed IT Services and Information Technology Consulting

At TekConcierge we can make sure you are protected from a number of vulnerabilities as well as keeping your network running efficiently. Our proven processes help our customers save time and money by keeping their network running smoothly. In case of an emergency we create backup plans to minimize downtime and therefore eliminate loss of productivity.

TekConcierge is here to remove the “Neegan’s” from your life as well as the constant barrage of less threatening attacks that are constantly lurking around trying to get at your data and your technology.