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3 Ways Office 365 Supports a Hybrid Workplace

3 Ways Office 365 Supports a Hybrid Workplace

3 Ways Office 365 Supports a Hybrid Workplace

Finding the right software to support you and your team when you’re not all working in the same place is an important task. There are many options for software and communications technology out there that can provide the solution businesses need in one fashion or another. However, sometimes the standard is really the best option. Office 365 contains all the industry standard productivity software that most businesses need and has other features that support companies with staff working in multiple locations. If you run a hybrid workplace, then Office 365 has some benefits that are directly relevant to you.

Web Apps Work With Native Apps

When a company subscribes to Office 365, it don’t simply gain access to the native apps on company computers, it also gains access to many of the apps online, through a special web interface that can be accessed from anywhere. Furthermore, the native apps and web apps can synchronize, allowing folks to use one or the other to access documents in the cloud and edit them in real time. This feature set can be very powerful for teams who are working in numerous locations, especially if they are working across time zones but need to collaborate on the same document. The web apps also make it easier for workers to access documents when traveling to conferences and other events. Any internet-connected device can use the web apps, and while they aren’t as powerful as the native apps, they are a valuable resource for any business using Office 365. If you need help implementing the cloud features of these apps, your Office 365 support provider can help.

No Complications to Software Access

With appropriate Office 365 support, once you buy a full business subscription to Office 365, you shouldn’t need to buy more licenses. With the subscription service model, when your company has access to the software, it is simply available to all your staff regardless of location as long as they have the correct credentials. Purchasing new licenses every time there is a new hire is not an issue. It also means simply changing credentials will lock old staff out for security purposes even if they work from a remote location.

Remote Access from Anywhere

As stated earlier when discussing the service’s web apps, Office 365 is designed with remote access in mind. It can integrate with cloud services such as SharePoint. When implemented properly by an Office 365 support provider, it’s seamless for staff to access any document they need regardless of where they are working on a given day. These cloud integrations make Office 365 a good tool to support remote work and hybrid workplaces.

Office 365 is not the only option that can help you support a hybrid workplace when it comes to productivity software. It is becoming more and more standard to offer all the features a company needs to be flexible with their locations and scheduling. Office 365 is a strong option though and many businesses benefit from it. If you want to learn about integrating these features into your systems, make an appointment with TekConcierge about our Office 365 support options.