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3 Benefits to Using IT Consulting Services Based Locally

3 Benefits to Using IT Consulting Services Based Locally

3 Benefits to Using IT Consulting Services Based Locally

Outsourcing IT consulting services is a move that has major benefits and flexibility for any growing company but choosing what IT consulting company to partner with is a difficult decision. Outsourcing your IT consulting and services is one thing, but you don’t want a company that is distant and treats you like a number. Finding an IT services provider with a local presence is often just the right fit for mid-size businesses actively looking to grow. There are key benefits to partnering with IT consultants that know your clientele and are in the same region as you.

On-Site IT Consulting and Support

Not every IT issues is solvable through remote IT support. While remote IT consulting is helpful and even sufficient in many circumstances, onsite IT consulting is often necessary for many different technology issues. Some remote companies will outsource onsite support to their clients if they aren’t local, and this often leads to miscommunications and inconsistent support. Managed IT service providers that can go to you directly and send their own technicians to provide onsite services will understand your company better and deliver better and more consistent support.

More Personal Customer Service

Having your IT services provider nearby can often lead to a more personal touch in communication and customer service. Companies who partner with local IT consultants are more likely to receive in-person meetings and be treated more like people than a number or a name. The arrangement can feel more like a business partnership than a client-provider relationship when both companies understand each other’s local situations. This effect is even more prominent if your IT consulting provider is a similar business size to your own organization.

Consultant Accessibility

Beyond the already established increased likelihood of in-person meetings, having local IT consulting often makes service accessibility easier. Companies that provide remote support and service exclusively are often in different time zones, which makes setting up meetings and even calling in for quick support significantly more difficult. With experts nearby, you know they are on the same schedule as you and will even understand specific local realities that are true for you. There are fewer chances for miscommunication and more opportunities to connect easily and without delay when your IT consulting team is located in the same area as your organization. Quicker response times from your support provider will also help decrease downtime when there is an IT issue and increase productivity by keeping the operations that depend on technology going.

It’s important to consider where your IT consulting partners are located when searching for your best options. Many companies have presences in multiple cities. TekConcierge has local presences in New York, Cincinnati, OH and Dallas, TX. If your company is located in any of these regions and you’re looking for a new IT consulting firm to help your business, then reach out today.